We want you to feel good about your senior experience at Wimmer Photography, that includes the money part. We have portraits to fit everyone’s budget. Payment plans are also an option.  

You will have two costs associated with your Senior Portraits

The Session Fee |  Studios charge this fee to cover the photographer’s time and talent. This fee is usually based on how much time you spend with the photographer. If you decide on a longer session and multiple locations your fee is usually more than if you decide on a studio session only. This fee also covers the studio’s cost of time to prepare your images for viewing, ordering presentation and pickup appointment. This cost does not include any portraits or portrait packages or digital files. Check out our senior sessions here.

Portrait Packages and Products  |  The second cost of your senior portraits, are the packages and products you decide to order for you, your family and your friends. Wimmer Photography offers an awesome variety of portrait products. We offer everything from gift prints and wall portraits to custom albums, metal prints, Image Panels, Desk Art and DVD’s. We have numerous additional products available to view at our studio. Please feel free to stop by the studio and take a peek.

What can I expect to pay for my portraits?

Gift portraits for family and friends start at $89 (8x10 inches) up to $189 (11x14 inches) depending on sizes and packages. We have Ala Carte pricing as well as a number of portrait packages available.

Portrait packages start at $299 up to whatever you want to spend. Our wallet sizes start at $69 for a set of 24 wallets. Multiple pose, wallet packages start at $99.

What you don’t pay for

You don’t pay for any retouching and protective glazes applied to your finished portraits. Retouching and glazes are included with every Wimmer portrait! We don’t let any portraits leave the studio without these two enhancements. We want you to look your very best!